What is Open-Realty®?

Open-Realty® stands out as the world’s biggest application for creating and also managing a specialized, cutting–edge real–estate web site. It is the most powerful, solid and versatile real–estate listing control web application, which offers you everything you need to maintain a very competitive property website.

Open-Realty® delivers a WYSIWYG page editor for modifying custom site content, a built–in blog program, which enables you to add listing details directly into blog articles, an option to upload several photos, files or virtual tours at the same time, etc. Your listings and web site articles are going to be conveniently indexed through the internet search engines.

Open-Realty® is a trademark of Transparent Technologies, Inc. and is not connected with Centunet Hosting.

Open-Realty®–Optimized Linux Cloud Website Hosting Services Services

When you have a business site on which you depend for a living, it’s fundamental not only to keep this site online, but furthermore to maintain it working as efficiently as you can. And that is specifically what you will find while using the specially optimized Open-Realty® Linux cloud website hosting services solutions supplied by Centunet Hosting.

We provide you with Linux cloud website hosting services bundles with a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. We’ve designed our custom cloud website hosting platform, which, along with a custom network, provides us sufficient server power to keep our guarantee irrespective of what develops. Additionally, we’re going to provide you unlimited disk space, unlimited data traffic and unrestricted MySQL database storage space quotas.

A Point & Click Web Control Panel

In order to minimize the time you spend on handling your Linux cloud website hosting services, we have made an extraordinary Web Control Panel. It’s the sole place you will need to go to to manage your websites, domain names and billing transactions. Additionally, it’s abundant with usable tools as well as absolutely free bonuses.

Our File Manager will enable you to upload files by just simply dragging them inside your browser. Thanks to our Online Statistics Manager, you can observe stats pertaining to your websites without having to alter a single thing. Using the Databases Manager, it will be easy to generate a database backup with just a mouse click. Using the App Installer, you are able to install over 40 distinctive applications, no configuration is required. With the Complimentary Web Site Generation Tool and our Instant Web Site Installer, you can build a new site in minutes, no computer programming experience is necessary.